We started keeping track of which plants have sprouted yesterday and today. It’s been so exciting to come check on them every day, since they’re growing, well, like weeds. Some of the seedlings have gone crazy!!

IT’S A RAVE GUYS!!! -Lady Dr. Doolittle Roommate

We’re still waiting on some of the other ones to catch up with the Plant for Pollinators! seeds, which was surprising since they were the second-oldest seeds we had of all. But we checked through, and we seem to be on schedule for germination time. Some of the seedlings are just over-achievers. 😀

Also, I’m not sure how well you can make it out in the following, but we’ve got one renegade who insists on rooting outside the top of it’s little dirt bit. Not sure how well that’s gonna work out for it, but points for the effort little seed! We’re rooting for your weirdness!

The snap peas are bursting at the seams. I’m thinking they’ll be pretty happy when we transplant them and they have room to stretch out. In the meantime, I’m thinking of them like three siblings who have to share a room. “I’m not touching you!” “MO-OM!” “Quit it, you guys, you’re getting all up in my dirt!”

Again, photo quality is questionable here, but we discovered teeny tiny milkweed sprouts today! They’re so tiny and threadlike, and we’ve only found two so far. You can see one of them in the upper right.

The black panther came down to investigate today while we were checking on the growth and the water levels. He was pretty interested in sniffing them, especially since we moved the shoe rack trays near his food bowl where they can get a little more indirect sunlight.

Unfortunately for him, that’s NOT the one with cat grass in it.

So far, we have highlighted in green the ones we found sprouted on 3/8 in green, and the ones we found 3/9 in blue. I wrote the dates in the color key in the top left, but I’m not sure why I put a 9 for the month. I’m very aware it’s not September. And yet…. Oh well. They have sprouted indoors in March, and it’s really the date we care about. Can’t wait for the warmer weather when they’ll be strong enough to move outside!

With all the craziness that’s been going on in the last week, on both the familial and external scales, it’s very nice to have something small and silly to come home and be excited about. No matter what else happens, the seeds are doing their best and that’s really great to see. Lady Dr. Doolittle Roommate and I have been giving them little party voices as they grow taller. So far, the Plants for Pollinators! are the most enthusiastic about life. Hopefully, they’ll all keep going and will make beautiful flowers later this year. And also produce, if we’re lucky!

I’ll leave off by quoting one of my favorite gardening books from when I was little. Seems pretty appropriate to gardening and life generally. Cheers!