I am up at the Denver AnomalyCon (it’s the Steampunk Convention), but I wanted to post the quick update about the plants from…. well, yesterday-ish. From the time before the time before I slept. One sleep ago? I’ve been up for too long. NomCon as my friends have been referring to it is a crazy whirlwind of talking to authors and listening to scientists and artists try to think through complex and problematic social and cultural issues, with the people in the panel audience chiming in with questions and thoughts. It’s a beautiful madness, and I get to dress up for it and everything.

Perhaps pics will appear later. I’ve been taking more notes than pictures.

But, PLANTS! we sent them out into planters and things the day before we came up to Denver.

The captions may be easier to read on these if you look at them full screen, but the tiling effect is good. It’s sort of what our back porch is like right now.

Still no deer fence, so I’m a bit worried but fiance says he’ll get it figured out soon.

I’m excited to see how they grow now that we’re further out into the real world. I think it’ll be good. Hopefully they haven’t all been dug up by wild creatures. At least the little fluff can’t climb into the Texas bluebonnet “urn” anymore. I caught her in there twice, all in the pot sniffing around and thinking about digging. I’m not sure why she likes them so much, but she didn’t even notice the catmint yet. Not catnip, catmint. There’s cat grass too, but we didn’t plant any. Cats apparently have a variety of plants they like. Who knew?

I’m going to keep this post short tonight because there are panels to note-take in detail tomorrow, but wishing you as much fun as I had today, O Reader, and that much fun again tomorrow.