Our plants are doing so well! We still have many of the little sproutlings in the plastic trays, since we’re waiting for the constant threat of imminent snow to break up a little into the usual concerns of summer hail. The growing season in Colorado, as in other places, can have interesting variances depending on the month. Week. Day. Hour. It’s too bad I can’t dress the little sproutlings in layers!

Instead, we’ve been keeping them indoors during the cold weather and taking them out for excursions during the warm parts of the days.

You can see that in (1) and (2) the little sprouts are hanging in there strong, but they’re looking for more space to spread out in. In (3) you can see our surviving cucumber plant. We will have to plant more of them, probably, but we’re going to wait for the weather to warm up first. Hopefully staggering their growing seasons won’t be a problem. In (4), (5), and (6), you can see the plants for pollinators and some of the more full trays, where we either had a lot of growth or we’ve left the little soil pockets in so the trays look more full than the cucumber tray where we took out the ones and planted them.

These we’ve had to cover with one of the shelves out of the oven (cool of course). The little fluff has begun to repeatedly go on excursions into the planter pots, and she sits in the dirt and squashes all the sprouts. So now we have to put bars over top. The plants don’t seem to mind, and so far the little fluff hasn’t been able to sit on them. The one on the top left shows how big one of the squash plant leaves has gotten! It has some of its first real squash plant leaves instead of just the sprout leaves.  The bottom right corner is probably my favorite fluff-proofing. We upended a hanging planter and it fits just right over the planter. I like it best because it reminds me a bit of one of those beautiful birdcages over the plants. The peas can’t quite reach it yet. I’m going to have to find a way to give the snap peas support in there soon, though. They’re sending out tendrils and latching onto each other instead. I’m glad they’re friendly, but I’m a bit worried they are going to suffocate one another.

This is the other container of snap peas! I was able to support these with little triangular trellis-things, so their tendrils are actually beginning to latch on. The dirt is deep enough in this pot to keep the trellises upright, but the other one makes them just flop over.

These are the planters we’ve been hiding in the garage. They’re too big to fit in the house, and the rectangular one doesn’t have a bottom to it that would keep it from leaking all over the floor. We take them outside so they can get sun, since the window in the garage doesn’t let nearly enough light in.

There are lettuce and red kale sprouts in the rectangle, and Plants for Pollinators! in the circle one.

We also have the Columbine seeds getting ready to plant (we’ll have to take them out of the fridge). Apparently Columbine seeds sprout better if you put them in the fridge for three or so weeks before planting? I guess they like the crazy weather. We’ll put them outside soon whether or not the weather agrees with us. They probably won’t care if we do get more snow coming up.


The new raspberry canes are having mixed results. One of the two is sprouting green leaves even though I don’t think I’ve watered it at all. The other one is… more stubborn.






These guys live on top of the refrigerator when they’re indoors. We’re looking forward to a lot of homemade pesto this year, since I think we have three different types of basil. In the bottom picture, the little struggling plants are the catmint. I don’t think they like the transition in and out of the house. I’m hoping they’ll do a little better when it’s just outside.

And the little window plants are doing well!

There is Marjoram, Chives, and Parsley, and Dill. They seem pretty happy. Everything except the dill is planted in regular soil, but the dill is from an old chia planter package thing. We didn’t think they would survive but they surprised us all! And they’re doing the best so far too, with little proper dill leaves and everything. I feel so encouraged by them.

IMAG4345_1 (1)We also have a rosemary and thyme that we still need to plant in planters that are currently living on the side of our sink.

In short, our house is turning into a greenhouse! We have plans to make an actual greenhouse out of recycled windows and doors and things in the backyard, so that the house will have fewer pots of dirt inside.

The Golden-Avenger also has some plants indoors, though his are less edible. There is some moss we rescued from the backyard planters where the lettuce and kale now is.



Isn’t it a cute little moss garden?

He also has some succulents given to him by Lady Dr. Doolittle! and there’s what I think is an aloe plant. I have no idea who it belongs to.

And this has been the plant update, also known as the run through of every plant in our house!

More stories tomorrow. It’s raining tonight, so I’m going to go to bed to the sound of raindrops on the roof.