A silly post:

In “Phineas and Ferb”, Candace has run down to the Panic room a couple of times in different episodes. She flies through the house, down the stairs, and down the ladder into the small room that is apparently made just for her.

Down the stairs….

Into the box….

And down the ladder.

The room has a small embroidered needlepoint sign calling it the “The Panic Room”. I’m pretty sure that Candace is the only one who ever uses it, though I suppose it could be a general family used one.

It doesn’t seem to be very cozy to me, but I suppose it does have her teddy bear in it for her to hang on to, and phone signal so she can call her mom. It’s simple, and all of her panic needs are met. She actually takes really good care of herself when she’s in a panic. It’s pretty impressive.

It’s interesting that even when her robot version (the Candroid) finds itself in a panic, it also runs down to the panic room.

I don’t have a panic room, and even though I’ve recently gotten in touch again with how comforting a favorite childhood doll can be, I still haven’t figured out how to calm myself down as quickly as she does. Even with a room in a house with awesome roommates, I don’t have a panic room where I can close the world out and just take a few.

Sometimes I think that’s a good thing. I have a network of people I can come home and have a good cry with, and a roof over my head, walls to keep the cold out and warm in, and two cats who I can cuddle even when they make me kind of itchy.

But I think Candace here has “a room of one’s own” where instead of being able to produce her own passion and life’s work she can take a break from it when it gets too much. It’s more than a room that keeps things out, it’s a mental space where she is allowed to be afraid. And I don’t know how she lets herself have that space, but it’s kind of awesome that she just accepts it and goes to that place, even though it isn’t in her room.

I feel like that might be an important thing to work up to; it’s a room where she’s the only one, but also the mind space to allow herself to have that break from everything when it gets too overwhelming. She doesn’t try to keep pushing through her fear, she goes to the safe place and then stays there.

So, I think it’s something that I might keep working on. Because when she’s done letting her mom know she’s freaking out, she has a safe place to wait for someone to help her out. And that seems to make her really happy, and let her feel brave again.

Anyway, that’s my thought for the night. A bit random, and loopy-making, but my thought.