I have been putting off connecting to a very specific part of the internet.


Many of my friends have been sharing photos and thoughts and conversations with me off of tumblr via email and text and photo.  There is a lot to be found on the site, thought-provoking, and cute, and weird, and all of the fandoms.

I’ve been afraid for a really long time to set up an account. Seeing people around me spend so much time looking through the archives when there’s so little time already for me to get stuff done has made me worry that I’m just going to lose more time in the depths, tumbling down tumblr. For the last months I’ve been thinking about the benefits. It’s another way to connect with friends, it’s a way to share media and thoughts, and it’s a way to get ideas to build off of.

Also, it’s a silly thing to be afraid of. The biggest concern that I have about tumblr is that I’m going to somehow waste all of the time that I have in intaking information instead of outputting it. But the fact that I’m worried about it probably is enough for me to be aware of the potential time-suckness of the internet to prevent it from becoming a big problem.

So, tonight I stopped being afraid of it, sat down, and just set up a Tumblr. It’s there. I can spend the time that I want interacting in the tumblr-verses, then stop and go about my life.  It’s one of these instances where my fear about doing the thing prevents me from doing it when in reality I have the capability to control how much I engage with a thing. When I stop thinking and just do, I can get a lot done.

I’ve heard from some close sources that I overthink things and that I should just act more.  This seems strange to me, but it’s good to let go and just do. So, I will take a little tumble, and see what good comes of it.

Goodnight, O reader. I hope you can push past a fear too, no matter how inconsequential it actually is. And I hope it feels as relieving for you as it is for me.