The garden has been coming along rather impressively, despite the Colorado weather, which is mostly normal for April *read weird/four seasons in a day weather*.

But the stone bed in back and wooden one in front are beginning to come together, and the garden planters that we keep hauling in and out of the house every time it freezes have grown in number as we’ve planted the little seedlings when they grew out of the mini seed pots.

You can see the chamomile having a party here! The little seed pot things have been growing a bit of algae, which is frankly impressive to me. But also, They’ve been overshadowing their neighbors which is making it harder for those ones to grow.

I’m not sure if the spacing is okay for them, but I’m going to work with it and see what happens as we go. They’re pretty happy in a small space, so hopefully more space will be better for them? I don’t actually know how big chamomile will get.

The lettuce and the chard have been also growing at a prodigious rate. They are stunningly large!

I am so very excited to have our first summer salad. Besides, it’s just really nice to see the leaves getting so large so quickly. You look outside every morning, and they’re just growing along, getting bigger and bigger.

We also have strawberries now. They’re in the strawberry pots that my family has had for years and years, I’m pretty sure through about three moves. I borrowed them from my mom, and we got the wonderful seedlings and they are growing now! There are about three little blossoms becoming strawberries, and two more are actually forming little green berries!!!!

The catmint has recovered, now that there aren’t two cats trying to indulge in it. It’s beginning to make pretty little leaves, that I hope will keep getting stronger and stronger. 

About half of our snap peas are doing well. One of them is also blooming, which is super pretty!

Not really sure why the one in the green is having problems, but I’m rooting for it! (oops, pun intended after the fact XD)

The Plant for Pollinators! are enjoying all of the space they have now and are getting larger by the day. I can’t wait until the bees and other pollinators realize that they’re around and come play in them.

The squash needs a little bit of love of some sort, but I’m not sure what. The original leaves are all dried out and brown, but it still seems to be making more?

And as you can see in the last one, the Texas bluebonnets are still going strong.

The basil is all having a party as well; we have little carpets of basil leaves going on in the planters, which is really relaxing to see for some reason.

The weird little purple flowers we haven’t identified yet but saved in a pot are also still making a strong effort. I’m frankly amazed they haven’t given up, but they are very stubborn.

And last among the seedlings we have planted in pots are the marigolds!

They are doing so well that one of them is even about to make a couple of blooms. I’m very curious to see what reds and oranges and yellows will come out first; we got a mixed batch of them, so I’m not sure what colors we’ll actually have.


The little fluff mewed at us through the screen all afternoon while we were out gardening, but the black panther decided that his nest on the couch was much better and didn’t move until we moved him.

He wasn’t even excited when we found a worm! It was larger than the ones we usually find, but we set it back into the ground in the grass.

Every time we find a worm, I think of the Carl Sandburg poem “Worms and the Wind”. I first came across this poem in first grade, and the last line has really stuck with me ever since.

And the last update of the night, we seem to have light from a netherworld seeping up through our tub. It may or may not be from a light left in the crawl space, but it’s very strange to see something that looks like it should be sun glinting off of something coming up from under the tub. More on this mystery later if it becomes clear!

Good night, O reader! Happy spring!