I have heard over and over from Youtube artists at the end of their videos that I can support them via Patreon. I have also heard of other artists using this platform.

I am interested in experimenting with it.

Recreating all of those paintings looks like insanity. Can you imagine how long that took with oil as a medium?

The Painting is called the “The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Picture Gallery at Brussels”, painted 1647-1651, Oil on Copperplate, by David Teniers the Younger.

Patreon most obviously takes a root from “Patron.” Patron is a word with historical context going back in time to the Medieval and Renaissance eras, if not further. It is a system where a person who is able to becomes a supporter of an artist or a writer, covering their expenses so that they can create. Patrons have historically had influence over what the author (in the sense of ” one that originates or creates something”) produces; because support had to come from the affluent and influential, the author might be limited or redirected.


That still might be true today. I am open to commissioned works, as a painter or a writer. But I feel strongly that the things I do have an inherent beauty for some people, so in order to keep doing those things I want to do, I am trying something difficult. I am asking for help.


You can get a copy at her store here:

Amanda Palmer gave a really important TEDtalk entitled “The Art of Asking“. In it, she talks about the connection, and the need to learn how to ask when you need help, or to find a way to reach your dreams. You “fall into the audience, and you [trust] each other”. That idea is beautiful. The idea is trusting that what I do is something beautiful, and something that makes a difference in your day, O Reader. And I am going to try trusting that the difference that I make is something that you, O Reader, would like to see continue. I would like to work to a point where I can make beautiful things all day, and share them, give them away freely in the knowledge that someone would really appreciate them. I know I can’t get there on my own, but I also know that I know people who have loved the art and stories I make. So I am asking; it stings a little, but only because fear always stings, and trust is calming.


If you would like to and are able to, please help support me in my artistic endeavors. Please help me to a point where I can write and draw for you all day, and I will give you my heart and soul on the page. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small; enough pennies can add up to a chai to keep me going during long writing stints, or dinner when I’m home. Raindrops together make the sea, after all. And any support at all has an even bigger meaning to me. It means that somewhere out there, O Reader, you think I can make this dream happen. It means I made a difference in your life, enough that you wanted to let me know, even anonymously. It means that you thought of someone else that you wanted to share my stuff with so their day can be more awesome. Your comments have made me proud and joyful and so thankful that I can’t stand it.  If you can help support me in reaching my dreams, even a little, I will try to give back something special to thank you for the difference you make in my life. Just let me know what you would like to see!

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to see what I am passionate about creating, O Reader. I appreciate you for all you do, and I hope you know it.

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