I did it! 

I am pretty happy about this! It was my fourth year that I’ve ever made the word count in time for, and this year i had a plot and story to keep going beyond the 30th. I probably could have cut back and told a shorter story, but I think this one deserves to be as full as it wants to be.

Here are some of my other stats, tho, if you are interested (and also if you aren’t):

It was a little up to the wire, but I planned ahead and made it work.

Usually in December I would be working on school work or editing or something like that, or even just trying to keep my nano pace going just a little bit longer, but I think I hit a bit of a burn out. This year has been a bit tiring and I will admit to having slept and sort of lazed around a bit in the last week or so. I’ve still been questing (tabletop roleplaying games are pretty essential) and going to my performance rehearsals (shameless plug for the Rocky Mountain Revels – it’s going to be a fun show and we’re all working really hard), but I think I may have fallen into a brief hibernation. Also we’re largely out of halloween candy except for gobstopper-jawbreaker things? I don’t really love those, which is why they are still leftover, but apparently neither do my roomates. 

My kitty has been a bit bemused by my abrupt shift to a nocturnal sleep cycle, but I think he likes the cuddle time. He’s been pretty silly when he curls up. Some highlights:

He was being a panther. Maybe. The last two are actually in reverse order, because I tucked him in before going to bed and he snuggled in. 

He really likes the bean bag chair, if that wasn’t evident.

I keep looking forward to being able to have the classic day of snow, cat, tea, and book, but I guess three out of four isn’t bad. Hopefully the snow will follow soon.

I suppose to wrap this meander of thought up, I hope everyone has a safe and peaceful December and cooler heads prevail. Stay safe, O Reader. More later.