Handelingenkamer, Netherlands

Things found in a library:

  • a school of goldfish, scattered across three feet of dark carpet-seas, some of the fish in pieces and particles from some unknown predator
  • sunflower seeds, in fairy-circles; or perhaps a squirrel has exploded? Unclear.
  • a clementine, half peeled, pressed between the covers of two books in the 300s section; shelved, incorrectly, and waiting for someone to see it
  • contraband, rolled up and resting just behind a book on a stand, too lethargic to find a better hiding place as soon as it saw me coming
  • a turkey salad, dissected carefully and intimately, lying in stark relief away from the tin foil it traveled in
  • pistachio shells, one by one like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail; only I can’t see where the path leads
  • a gold necklace, thin and fragile like a fairytale quest item; unclaimed from where it glittered beneath a shelf
  • a moldering apple core, desiccated and rotting; a zombie crawling underneath the heights of the book bastions, friends with the mice
  • gum, crushed into the floor like lovers kissing, impossible to separate but with more of a permanent proof
  • paper shreds, the teeth torn from a notebook page, the homework lost and forgotten, a test graded and discarded in frustration or obliviousness
  • bottles, hopefully washed into eddies of hidden corners behind chairs and beside the rows of bindings, waiting for someone walking along a beach to read their messages
  • keyboard letters, part of some scrabble game that no one entirely knows the rules of
  • chess pieces who have taken their turns far afield in search of Alice or Wonderland or both

The Book Of Secrets Digital Art by Donika Nikova “Silent Night. You only hear the noise of the opening of another sheet of the old book. The night light is sparkling lightly. Every book is a new adventure experienced by your imagination. And she invites you … come … in another world.” – Donika Nikova