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It’s never a bad time for a Snoopy dance! I love Peanuts, so I am really happy I could paint one for my coworker’s birthday. He’s always so wonderfully delighted with everything. We need more Snoopy days in our lives.

Edit: point of clarification! I do not have any rights or anything RE: Snoopy. The copyright is for my blog only. Snoopy belongs to the amazing Charles Schulz and all credit belongs to him. If there are any issues with my display of this character, please let me know and I will act accordingly. However, my words are my own and I would like to keep that credit for myself. Thank you!






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Hello, O Reader! Did I worry you with that last page of only text? I wanted to do a full two-page image for this so I had a little more room. Back to normal again after this. Probably.


Opener Page

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(UPDATE: ONE OF THE CATS ATE ONE OF THE SQUASH PLANT LEAVES!!!! mystery abounds. Now, it has a colander over on top of it for armor. Who would have thought the indoors would be so dangerous?)



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This is the ending of this particular story because I ran out of sketchbook, but I’ll start another story tomorrow in a different set of bound pages. We’ll see where that one goes!

Page 21 take 2






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