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Flowers from the Inferno

This is actually not a post about my garden; it’s an update on my wedding dress.

For my dress, I am taking pages from various texts and … I think the best word is ‘manipulating’ them into a text-ile. (Get it? It’s almost a pun! I’m done.)

For the front of my skirt, I am using flowers made from Dante’s Inferno, and also from American Indian Myths and Legends. I cut each page into a square, and fold it into a flower. Then, I take the flowers and glue them together with Loctite, and form little ten-flower squares.

I’m not quite done with the Inferno yet, but I am getting pretty close.

I picked these two mostly because the books I have are about the same size, so it’s fairly easy to keep the flowers the same size. To make sure I take into consideration paper color difference and the amount of text and handwriting on the pages, I’m planning on making a diagonal pattern where I alternate between the ten-squares of one and then the other.

I’ve come up with some interesting phrases as I’ve done this; I think my favorite is, “No commas in hell”. You can kind of see it in the pictures of this flower square.

I still have a long way to go.

When I tell people I’m using the Inferno for the front of my skirt, I’ve gotten some interesting responses.

“Why not the Purgatorio, or the Paradiso?”

“Is this just because you like the Inferno or is there another literary reason?”

“That’s pretty weird.”

“Oh, cool.”

I could give an argument that the Inferno is a tale of two souls traveling through difficult times together, giving strength and support to each other, before they emerge.

I could say that it’s one of my favorite texts and that it has influenced the literature I read, I write, the images I paint from, the way I view the world around me.

I could say that this is my fiance’s copy, and his writing on the pages leads to beautifully obscure and non-contextualized phrases.

I could even just say that I’m using it because I want to.

But I think the best way to explain why the Inferno, is in the language of the inferno itself. At the end of the final canto of the Inferno, it concludes,

“La duca e io per quel cammino ascoso

intrammo a ritornar nel chiaro mondo;

e sanza cura aver d’alcun riposo

salimmo sù, el primo e io secondo,

tanto ch’i’ vidi de le cose belle

che porta ‘l ciel, per un pertugio tondo.

E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle”,

which my copy translates into

“My leader and I entered on that hidden path to return to the bright world; and, without taking care for rest at all, up we climbed,

up we climbed, he first and I second, until I saw the beautiful things the heavens carry, through a round opening. And thence we came forth to look again at the stars.

And thence we came forth to look again at the stars”.

I crewed for my dad’s ultra marathon in Arizona; through the night, I climbed down through the levels of hell with Virgil and Dante, I watched as my dad moved further and further into the pureness of running as opposed to the conscious running; and I waited for him, missing my fiance and the light.  I finished reading the Inferno in the early morning. Just a little while after I read those beautifully constructed sentences, the sun rose, and my dad finished his race.

The memories I have tied to the Inferno are embedded in life imitating art imitating life. I want it on my dress because it is important to me. I want it on my dress because it’s part of who I am in many ways.





Copyright © 2017 Anastasia Barnett

Anomaly Con pictures!

So, I’m putting this in the mosaic form because I like it more. But these are a brief collage of the photos I took, which I admit was not as many as I could have. I spent most of my time in panels, taking frantic notes of things. That being said, the rest of the time I was usually too busy running around talking to people and forgot I had my camera. By which I mean phone. Oh well.


1) This is how I did my hair the first day. I was doing it in the car, so this was for perspective! The golden clock hands are 3D printed and designed and created by my fiance.

2) This was maybe five minutes into the convention. These lovely people and I were asked to pose for a photo, and I asked fiance to take advantage of the moment. The detail and creativity they put into their clothes and the ideas behind them are absolutely phenomenal.

3) Distantly, I had to try to snap a picture of the fabulous costume across the way. That is a book of tremendous proportions. I would love to carry a book like that around. I’m so curious what was inside, but unfortunately I had places I had to be.

4) Really hope the detail work is viewable from the interwebs. There was some pretty awesome minute detail happening here.

5) Her hoops are crazy!!! She negotiates like a boss, though. And the gold leaf-glitter and little leaves in her hair are wonderfully placed. So much work went into this!!!

6) Me mid-dance at the Grand Ball. I asked fiance to take a picture. I will say, I am really not sure what is happening with my left arm, but you can kind of see my sewing kit bracer on the right one, here. The glint toward the top is for my metal pin box, and the stabby bit of my scissors is down towards the top of my wrist. Had to be careful not to go all Assassin’s Creed up in there 😀

7) I just really loved the fan support on this car. There was more, but this combination was good.

8) My theoretical itinerary for Saturday. I only made one or two tweaks, mostly in the morning and the evening. Some of the titles are cut off, but you can see more about what they were this year here. It’s the website for the con. Sadly, this was its last year, but I have hopes for its successor, WhimsyCon.

9) This guy was AWESOME. He has a studio where he makes these sorts of costumes professionally (really wish I had gotten his name, if you stumble across this and recognize yourself, please let me know and I’ll send credit where credit is due). Apparently at one point the wings could move, and sometimes he can use CO2 emitters to ‘breath’. So cool.

10) Had a great time rocking out with this lovely person on Friday, and then going to some of the same panels on Saturday. SO much work in this one. There are tiny sea-creatures in the nets around the waist, and the lantern actually hooks on for safe keeping. So beautifully and lovingly done.

11) and 12) are respectively the front and back of this astounding work of carpentry and craft. The wings are insanely long, and also fold up behind along the joints. The cog clockwork on the back actually turns rather easily. So much love in this one too. Not sure how they stay in the upright position though. Their natural state is to be extended out!

13) Kind of a wonky view on this one, I mostly loved it because it has a bandolier of crayons in rainbow order. I may have to build an art kit like that sometime. Super useful for organizing.

14) More clock-hand hair-doodads! Hers are rather long, also. I love the style 😀

15) and 16) are my friends and me in the last twenty minutes before we all parted across the country. Some of our group had already left at this point. Never did get a picture of my costume from Saturday, but this is Sunday’s effort. You can kind of see the sewing kit a little better in this one. Also all of the designs my friends have come up with too! Fiance was taking these pictures, so he didn’t get to be part of them. Maybe next year. We all had fun seeing each other and exploring the con – and the dress-up was lots of fun too!



And that, O Reader, is that!