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Towering boxes of cats

This week I have realized that I have run into a burnout. I am tired most of the time and it means that even though I have all the drive that I have in my head is a lot of everything, I can’t seem to get anything done. I kind of seem to be having a hard time getting off the couch. I’m not sure why this has happened, but lo, O Reader, has it ever.

Yesterday, the accomplishment that I achieved was that I built an addition to the cardboard tower that I’ve been making for the cats. I collect boxes from work and home, and duct tape them together. I got a couple of big ones on Saturday, so I upgraded.

The little fluff decided to help by climbing in the box; I’m not sure why she decided this was comfortable, but she laid there for something like a half hour. It was kind of adorable.


This is the front view of the finished product. The two boxes on the bottom are the recent additions, with the bunch under the second layer box as support. I cut a couple of windows for the cats to peek out the front window if they want, and there are levels for them to sit and look outside with various amounts of coverage.

I took a couple of inside views too:

Chaucer seems largely uninterested in the tower, except when the little fluff is inside. He is very clearly a people-cat. His favorite spot is either two feet away from me, or on the red fuzzy chair.

On the other hand….

I think she likes it. I’ll keep working at it. Maybe Chaucer will like it too, one day. In the meantime, it’s a fun recycling project.

Cheers! and enjoy your fourth of July, to those who celebrate it!


Hello, O Reader. I am making a return from a camping trip followed by a successful BolderBoulder! I have also had some time to think in the last two days, mostly about why I was too tired to write!
But here I am, sitting on the couch, where our own little puppy-Daredevil is keeping me from sleeping, and my sweet Chaucer is hovering around the edges in hopes the puppy will move so he can come curl up with me, and I’m watching Tyra Banks’ Top ModelĀ series and wondering why I haven’t turned it off.


More on that later.

First! Camping and BolderBoulder!

(Apparently so many exclamation points.)

We went camping up in the mountains over the weekend. One of my favorite things about living in Colorado is that you can drive forty-five minutes out from town and find yourself in some of the most majestic and empty places. The beautiful stretch of sky overhead is blue like wow……! Here are a few pictures I took with my phone. Lady Dr. Doolittle took some with her camera that will be clearer, when I get the chance to post them. But, here are some of mine!

It rained off and on while we were up there, but we stayed warm, and it was a wonderfully relaxing trip while I rested. It’s so nice to get away from all the hubbub and just breathe a little. Also, campfires and marshmallows!!!!

Then, we came back right into the thick of the hubbub! The BolderBoulder wraps all the way around the neighborhood, including our more permanent abode. We woke up early and walked to the start, then took off on the course!

We finished in about an hour and a half; our mile estimate was about 14-15 minute mile. It as so much fun; we discovered that I have the power to run as long as I get my hair watered down; every time we passed a hose,Ā sprinkler, or super soaker, I ran through it and asked people to get my hair damp. I love the Bolder Boulder for many reasons, including the amount of cheering and enthusiasm of the entire city. Everyone gets involved, in one way or another, even if they aren’t walking or jogging, or running. And the costumes have been fabulous every time I’ve lost myself in the crowd. It really makes kids days to see their favorite characters going running past, and it’s great for everyone to just take a day to play in the street with a parade of happy, runner’s high people going past, followed by the actual professional race. It’s just such a joyful experience.

Now that I’ve started into an extremely long rant!

This is Chaucer! The Black Panther is on adventures elsewhere, but I have adopted my sweet boy, and he is fitting in…. about as well as would be expected for two cats of a certain age.

My happy kitty!

And finally, after all that, I am resting on the couch after weeding the front garden and trying to figure out what to write. Yesterday, I fell asleep on the giant bean bag instead of writing. It’s funny, because despite everything I did get to do, everything I achieved, and everything that was wonderful, my mind keeps rotating back to the need to write and the fact that I haven’t for this weekend. So, I’m breaking that cycle of negative thought. I’m posting. And now, O Reader, I’m going to go cuddle with my Chaucer, rest my legs, and prepare for the next adventure!

As an aside: Good luck to science and scientists as we press on. I was able to enjoy all of the luxuries that I had this weekend of clean air, mist rolling down the mountain through just the top of the trees, green grass and fertile soil, and sunlight warming me up from our extravagant use of water and other resources because of the work being done to protect them. Let’s keep on, so other people can also be a part of the beauty of everything. Amen? Amen.

I got the font from here. I think it’s called “Catstuff”, which is just a great answer for so many questions. “What are you doing today?” “Catstuff.” “Why did you decide to move the couch?” “Catstuff.”

I showed this to Fiance, and his response was “What? What?Ā What?” so I’m going to count that as a win.

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Copyright Ā© 2017 Anastasia Barnett


We started keeping track of which plants have sprouted yesterday and today. It’s been so exciting to come check on them every day, since they’re growing, well, like weeds. Some of the seedlings have gone crazy!!

IT’S A RAVE GUYS!!! -Lady Dr. Doolittle Roommate

We’re still waiting on some of the other ones to catch up with the Plant for Pollinators! seeds, which was surprising since they were the second-oldest seeds we had of all. But we checked through, and we seem to be on schedule for germination time. Some of the seedlings are just over-achievers. šŸ˜€

Also, I’m not sure how well you can make it out in the following, but we’ve got one renegade who insists on rooting outside the top of it’s little dirt bit. Not sure how well that’s gonna work out for it, but points for the effort little seed! We’re rooting for your weirdness!

The snap peas are bursting at the seams. I’m thinking they’ll be pretty happy when we transplant them and they have room to stretch out. In the meantime, I’m thinking of them like three siblings who have to share a room. “I’m not touching you!” “MO-OM!” “Quit it, you guys, you’re getting all up in my dirt!”

Again, photo quality is questionable here, but we discovered teeny tiny milkweed sprouts today! They’re so tiny and threadlike, and we’ve only found two so far. You can see one of them in the upper right.

The black panther came down to investigate today while we were checking on the growth and the water levels. He was pretty interested in sniffing them, especially since we moved the shoe rack trays near his food bowl where they can get a little more indirect sunlight.

Unfortunately for him, that’s NOT the one with cat grass in it.

So far, we have highlighted in green the ones we found sprouted on 3/8 in green, and the ones we found 3/9 in blue. I wrote the dates in the color key in the top left, but I’m not sure why I put a 9 for the month. I’m very aware it’s not September. And yet…. Oh well. They have sprouted indoors in March, and it’s really the date we care about. Can’t wait for the warmer weather when they’ll be strong enough to move outside!

With all the craziness that’s been going on in the last week, on both the familial and external scales, it’s very nice to have something small and silly to come home and be excited about. No matter what else happens, the seeds are doing their best and that’s really great to see. Lady Dr. Doolittle Roommate and I have been giving them little party voices as they grow taller. So far, the Plants for Pollinators! are the most enthusiastic about life. Hopefully, they’ll all keep going and will make beautiful flowers later this year. And also produce, if we’re lucky!

I’ll leave off by quoting one of my favorite gardening books from when I was little. Seems pretty appropriate to gardening and life generally. Cheers!