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Towering boxes of cats

This week I have realized that I have run into a burnout. I am tired most of the time and it means that even though I have all the drive that I have in my head is a lot of everything, I can’t seem to get anything done. I kind of seem to be having a hard time getting off the couch. I’m not sure why this has happened, but lo, O Reader, has it ever.

Yesterday, the accomplishment that I achieved was that I built an addition to the cardboard tower that I’ve been making for the cats. I collect boxes from work and home, and duct tape them together. I got a couple of big ones on Saturday, so I upgraded.

The little fluff decided to help by climbing in the box; I’m not sure why she decided this was comfortable, but she laid there for something like a half hour. It was kind of adorable.


This is the front view of the finished product. The two boxes on the bottom are the recent additions, with the bunch under the second layer box as support. I cut a couple of windows for the cats to peek out the front window if they want, and there are levels for them to sit and look outside with various amounts of coverage.

I took a couple of inside views too:

Chaucer seems largely uninterested in the tower, except when the little fluff is inside. He is very clearly a people-cat. His favorite spot is either two feet away from me, or on the red fuzzy chair.

On the other hand….

I think she likes it. I’ll keep working at it. Maybe Chaucer will like it too, one day. In the meantime, it’s a fun recycling project.

Cheers! and enjoy your fourth of July, to those who celebrate it!


UPDATE! The plants have all begun to expand beyond their horizons into the yard. We have the wooden planter boxes full of onions and sunflowers and cucumbers (it’s in the top right of this picture:)


and other things like that. I think there are peppers in that one also. It’s very exciting. Hopefully, they will all do better than the cucumber. It’s wilting a little bit. I’m not sure how to help it because it either looks scorched or wilty.


I’ve been being watched from the door a lot. Sometimes if they get too adventurous I spritz them with the hose gently. We don’t need them to claw through the door. Too many wasps and indoor cats being outside.

The new additions in the strawberry pots my family has had forever!

STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!! They are working on tiny flowers. I have confidence in them.

This is our other planter, full of lettuce and chard. It’s actually starting to look like chard and lettuce. As you can see, the chard leaf is almost as big across as my finger.

AND NOW FOR THE REMAINING SPROUTLINGS! This first one is the Plants for Pollinators! one. I’m going to plant them in the garden box that’s coming together in the front yard. Probably.


And then we have marigolds and little goblin flowers, and chamomile, and….. I’m not actually sure what else is in there anymore. We have a chart for that. but they are doing well! by and large.

And here above we have from left to right: A possibly growing raspberry, a definitely growing raspberry, and the definitely growing raspberry with one of my 15 or so year old metal peacocks guarding it from trampling feet and anything else the peacock guardian doesn’t like. Also, a rose bush in the background. They are doing well, even the one that is only possibly growing? the roots looked like they were fine when we planted it. Fiance says it will be fine. WE SHALL SEE!

My bucket of the Plants for Pollinators! I think it will be very pretty when they get a little bigger. Right now they are just lovely little clusters of multiple types of leaves vying for space. I’m not sure who will win but there are many contenders.

AND NOW FOR THE INDOOR PLANTS! They are all doing well in the window, but the herbs are a little wilty right now because they hadn’t been watered for six hours and apparently disapproved. Such picky, thirsty little plants. They perk up again quickly as soon as water is added. The succulents seem to be doing well? I find it kind of hard to tell with some of them, but the ones that look like little water sacks are doing well. And the aloe seems happy with its life. But, It’s an Aloe. It doesn’t do much.


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, O READER! One of my coworkers is a fellow gardener this year. She had some little sproutlings who needed to go to a good home, and so they came home with me! I brought them inside in a box, and told Fiance and the Golden Avenger and Lady Doctor Doolittle “So, before you get upset…” Lady Doctor Doolittle was apparently hoping for a puppy, but was quite happy with plants. Golden Avenger was mostly confused about why he would be upset. Fiance face-palmed.

I think they’ll fit right in…. šŸ˜€


– Title quoted from the fabulous movie “Ink” (2009)

A more mundane adventure; but!

Today was a day where the afternoon was full of blood, dirt, and thorns. Also known as gardening! My roommates,Ā fiance, and I trimmed some of the dead wood and brush in the front yard. It started out pretty tame; we trimmed the grass, and some raspberries, and a couple of bushes. But then we dove into combat with a big bush in front that had thorns about a centimeter longĀ and made me think of the brambles in Sleeping Beauty. It was all going rather well, until I discovered I was bleeding from a distinct lack of cut. Clearly the blood came from somewhere, but when I washed my hands we couldn’t figure out where! After some further tidying up, we then went on a trip to the local home improvement store where we intended to get potting soil and more paper bags for cleaning up brush and stuff, seeing as we had filled our compost bin and all the remaining two paper compost bags.

We bought a lot of seeds.


O say can you seeds….


Only we didn’t have room to plant them all. So one of the roommates, fianceĀ and I started group one in some of those little plastic plant starters to wait until it stops promising to frost every other week here (or every other hour. The weather is very unpredictable.).

We also had some other help.


Our friendly household black panther (He’s on loan)



The black panther mostly watched from the couch (Very decorous is he. Except when it’s dinner time.). The little fluff was into every bit of what we were up to. First, she had to investigate the dirt, then the seeds, then the water in the seeds, all sorts of things. Apparently, her small adventures on a leash outside have not adequately prepared her for indoor gardening.

With all of the help involved, we ended up with three containers with little dirt seed pockets. Like so!


seedlings-2 seedlings-3jpg

In case you were wondering, O Reader, the three plastic trays are sitting in/on a mostly wire shoe rack. Ā You may also wonder how we’re keeping track of which trays are which, since we aren’t using plant markers or anything.

To which I say, Excel-sior! Or, more accurately, fiance used a charting function on some spreadsheet program and we used a clever coding system of triangles, numbers, and right and left.


The Plant for Pollinators! seeds were kindly gifted to us the last time we visited the Butterfly Pavilion, and we finally got around to planting them. We’ll see if they still sprout.

There were also a couple more plantings, on a smaller scale.

We have the lovely assortment of pots:


Both with seeds in them (above), and without (below)!


And high hopes remaining for an old box of seed starters we found in the garage. We’re not actually sure any of these will sprout.


But we’ll find out. And to quote another gardener, “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments” (Janet Kilburn Phillips).

And maybe later in the year, we’ll have a jungle of veggies to wade through! I’m excited.Ā If we do have one, I’ll post pictures of the little fluff pretending to be a ferocious tiger. She loves to play that game.

In the meantime,