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It’s never a bad time for a Snoopy dance! I love Peanuts, so I am really happy I could paint one for my coworker’s birthday. He’s always so wonderfully delighted with everything. We need more Snoopy days in our lives.

Edit: point of clarification! I do not have any rights or anything RE: Snoopy. The copyright is for my blog only. Snoopy belongs to the amazing Charles Schulz and all credit belongs to him. If there are any issues with my display of this character, please let me know and I will act accordingly. However, my words are my own and I would like to keep that credit for myself. Thank you!


Kitchen Robot!




A birthday card! More to come. I have a lot of May/June Birthdays to paint for all in a row. 😀

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Happy Mother’s Day!




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The watercolor doesn’t show up quite as well through this picture, but still. I really love how this little one turned out!

Quidditch On Skis…

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And another farewell… But seriously, I feel like a ski would make an interesting ride for snow Quidditch.

I always remembered them more clearly than Rocky and Bullwinkle.  They had such fabulously elaborate schemes. This is for a gift, since it’s difficult to find these two individually drawn.


I got the font from here. I think it’s called “Catstuff”, which is just a great answer for so many questions. “What are you doing today?” “Catstuff.” “Why did you decide to move the couch?” “Catstuff.”

I showed this to Fiance, and his response was “What? What? What?” so I’m going to count that as a win.

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Bonus Post!

This is some fan art I painted for my brother for his birthday. I think it turned out pretty well. Cheers! More tomorrow.